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Tags: clag, David Hobbs, dtm, f1, formula one, marbles, tire clag, tire deg


by Dave Fowler

Your friends may have no idea what you're on about as you scream at the TV "Not there you idiot! Don't pass there, you'll have no grip for the next 2 corners! AAAARRRRRGGGG!!" Cue heart attack. But that's fine. You and Mr. Hobbs know what's going on. You're a superfan and you see so much more happening in every race than those fair weather fans.

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Artist Specs
  • Name: Dave Fowler
  • Location: Columbus, OH
  • Website/FB: Dave Fowler
Artist Profile
Dave Fowler is a graphic designer and car guy from Columbus, Ohio. When he isn't sitting on his ass in front of a computer, or behind a drum set, you can find him seated comfortably behind the wheel of his Audi.