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Yes, I have artwork

While you're busy at work searching CL for a good deal on a ride, team blipshift working just as hard to find awesome designs and artists. Have artwork or skills to create a car themed design? Turn your artwork into a blipshift tee and make some cash! Click on the "Submit a Complete Design" button below for details.

I'm an idea man

Even if your artistic talent is a 'lil underpowered, you may still have a path to fame (err, kinda) and fortune (in blipshift apparel)! If you've got an idea for a great shirt, you can submit it in words, sketch, whiteboard photo, motor oil doodle on shop rag, etc. If we like your thinking, we'll work with partner artists to transform your idea into printable artwork. When your idea goes to print, you get a free tee of your design PLUS 100 bucks in blipshift store credit. That's right, the notepad doodle you made while meeting with your manager could end up on a shirt! Click on "I have an idea!" to send us an idea.

Not sure where your design fits in or have more questions? Check out our Artist FAQ or Contact Us.
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