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Wait, don’t you just put a shirt up for sale and watch orders come in? Eh, there’s a little more to it and team blipshift shows up to our NYC office every day to bring you the freshest automotive themed t-shirt designs. We’ve got all the basic necessities for office survival like running water, unlimited Post-Its, bad jokes and free lunches (most of the time). Team blipshift is growing and you might be the right person to be the starting shortstop on our softball team. Open positions listed below.

Marketing Manager

When you were in third grade, did you convince your buddy to trade his double stuff oreos for your mushy banana? Is your uncle hauling his family in a hot hatch after you explained the virtues of fun? Are you ready to drink the blipshift kool aid? If this sounds like you, read on!

Team blipshift is growing and we need a Marketing Manager to preach the gospel of BS just as bad as we gotta hit apexes. So what does a Marketing Manager do at blipshift? First and foremost, you gotta be a marketing ninja. That means you need to know:

  1. How to talk to awesome t-shirt fans/customers online & in the flesh
  2. Run marketing campaigns & promotions
  3. Analyze results

The managing part? You’ve got be able to:

  1. Plan ahead (strategy, schedule, budget)
  2. Hit deadlines
  3. Lead teams
  4. Make decisions (no waffling! unless we’re eating tasty Belgian waffles)

Since we make awesome auto themed tees you’ll be expected to know a lot about cars. If your idea of a good time on the road is hypermiling in a hybrid, uh, how should we say this… don’t apply! Remember, blipshift isn't a Fortune 500 company. Heck, we're probably not even a Fortune 1 million company, so you're gonna be expected to figure a lot of stuff out on your own. No one is going to clean up after you either, so that leftover chicken and broccoli from three days ago, chuck it or eat it. We promise* that working at blipshift sucks less than your current job. You’ll get to do stuff like roll around in piles of awesome t-shirts, arm wrestle the blipshift Ape-X and trampoline onto our velcro wall**. Oh yeah, free lunch! This is a full time position at our midtown Manhattan HQ steps away from scenic Penn Station.

* That’s not a real promise. If your current job involves eating marshmallows while riding down water slides, we can’t beat that.

** Once we procure a trampoline… and velcro wall. There is no timeline on acquisition. In the meantime, you can practice by two foot jumping into drywall.

To apply, click here or go to

Key Responsibilities

  • Work directly with blipshift management (no suits, possibly top hats) to define, plan and execute marketing strategy.
  • Determine budget requirements for marketing campaigns.
  • Responsible for growing social media presence.
  • Report metrics and data to measure marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • Plan and execute digital marketing campaigns.
  • Manage fan and customer engagement at events. 
  • Network and build relationships with marketing partners. Sorry, no free shots at the bar.
  • You will get your hands dirty. We don’t mean by eating Korean tacos. Sometimes you’ll tell team blipshifters what to do and a lot of the time you’ll do stuff yourself.


  • BA/BS degree 
  • 5+ years of relevant marketing experience
  • Skilled in leading and manage teams
  • Fantastic writer and presenter, confident public speaker
  • Social media guru. Being good at posting kitty pics doesn’t count. You need to know the ins and outs of using social media.
  • Expert in using web based marketing services, ad platforms and reporting tools
  • Ability to work with and modify media content (photos & videos). You don’t need to be the next Ridley Scott, but you should know enough of the basics.
  • Previous experience in the automotive industry or racing. If not, provide us with proof that you spend way too much of your free time on cars, track days and/or other petrol powered activities. In either case, you should have a deep and wide network of automotive contacts.
  • Must Apex Everything. The only reason to take the subway turnstile off of the racing line is because of heavy pedestrian traffic.

Other Stuff

  • Salary: Yes, you will be paid, and compensation depends on experience & skill level, not the number of BS tees you own.
  • Location: Must work from blipshift’s global HQ in midtown Manhattan. Ixnay on WFH. Relocation not provided.
  • Benefits: Medical, 401k, plus life-changing discounts on BS apparel

About blipshift

Blipshift is a NYC based company selling limited edition automotive themed t-shirts with artist submitted designs. One design at a time for a limited time.

Blipshift is an equal opportunity employer.