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BS Black Flag Friday Sale

BS’s Official BFF! Black Flag Friday event!

We’ve gone Restomod crazy!! Per your requests, we’ve called some of your favorite designs in for a quick stop'n'go. We aren't really fond of rules, so we gave all the shirts a facelift for the holiday season while the official's back was turned! 

But when do I need to serve this black flag  penalty?
Pit Road opens on November 28th @ 10:00pm EST and will remain open until December 2nd @ 10:00pm EST.

Bonus point awards!
For every 5 shirts you order, we've got a special bonus for ya!

  • @5 shirts receive - 50% off one tee coupon*
  • @10 shirts receive - Free Tee coupon** & 50% off one tee coupon*
  • @15 shirts receive - 2 Free Tee coupons** & 50% off one tee coupon*
  • Shirtstorm! Order the Shirtstorm and receive - a warm BS Beanie hat & 2 Free Tee coupons** & 50% off one tee coupon* (value of $50+)

As always, any order of 3 or more Tees or Long Sleeves ships in the US for free!

Shipping details:
Items ordered during the BS BFF sale will begin shipping out the second week of December, approximately 1 week after the sale ends. For Domestic orders, though USPS does not guarantee delivery before Christmas day, you should have it before then and we will be making all efforts to be sure you do! For International orders, they will be shipped out the same time as Domestic order but may or may not be received before the holidays.

Free shipping only applies to shirt orders, hoodies incur shipping fees. 


Q&A with the Officials:
Q: Can I combine orders with a previous purchase?
A: Any BFF orders will ship together and are not combine-able with a previous order.

Q: When do the bonus BFF coupons expire?
A: All BFF coupons will be valid up until March 31, 2014 (03/31/2014). After this date the coupons will expire.

Q: When do I get my BFF bonus reward coupons?
A: All BFF Bonus reward coupons will be emailed to the purchaser within a week after the BFF sale ends. The coupons will be valid for use between December 9th 2013 and March 31st 2014. Note, they will not be valid for use during the BFF sale.

Q: What about a valid coupon I already have? Can I use it on the BFF sale?
A: You sure as shirt can! Any pre-existing valid coupons are good to use during the BFF sale.

Q: I ordered 5+ Tees and a Hoodie, why am I charged for shipping? 
A: Unfortunately, Hoodies incur a shipping charge regardless of quantity or amount ordered.

Q: What is the penalty for speeding down pit lane?
A: A stern talking to by the Official


*Max value of $7.50
**Max value of $15.00

Cheaper International Shipping

Starting with The 24 Hours of BS on Aug. 1, we will now ship all items in one package per order. International shipping rates will be $11.90 for the first t-shirt and $4 for each additional t-shirt in the same order. This results in overall shipping costs that suck less than before. Shipping rates for Hoodies remain the same. 

Canada and US shipping rates are unchanged.

Countdown to 24 Heures du BS


That sounds like a lot of bs.

It’s for real and no, you won’t see large piles of cow dung when it’s finished.

On August 1, blipshift turns one. That’s right, 365 awesome days! That may not sound like much, but in blipshift years, that’s like 24. We’ll be hoonibrating by (1) replacing our company water cooler jug with nothing but the finest PBR and (2) selling 24 past favorite designs in original form* all day long. Aw snap!

You like BS and want in on the 24 Hours?

Good news. You don’t need a fast car and no qualifying necessary. All you gotta do is show up at sometime between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM ET on Thursday, August 1. If you feel the need, change your clocks to blipshift Standard Time (BST).  You can buy any or all of the 24 designs throughout the day.
If you order 3 or more t-shirts, shipping is free**. But wait, there's more! For every 5 shirts you buy during the BS 24, we'll send you a coupon code good for a free shirt on a future order (max. coupon value $15)!

The BS 24 starting grid will be announced on Aug. 1.

Is it possible your meat sweats will prevent you from remembering the 24 Hours of BS?

Too much bacon? No worries. We’ll announce when the green flag waves on Facebook, Twitter and the blipshift Updates email list. If your nano-management boss needs to know your whole day is booked, add the event to your calendar.

 Add the “Very Important 24 hour blipshift Meeting” event to my calendar

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* The original shirt color will be used when possible. In a limited number of cases, certain shirts are no longer available and have been swapped out with a different kick-ass color.

** BS fulfillment eats Korean tacos after every design has shipped. 24 designs means 24 taco breaks. This means shipping times may be slightly longer than usual, 2-3 weeks depending on the design and number of designs in the order. Free shipping applies to t-shirt orders only within the U.S.

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Your torso wants them

Folding, JDM-style

Guys, don't show your wife or girlfriend that you know how to do this or you will be living in laundry hell.



Nude Driving Incidents Continue Unabated. Blipshift Suggests Societal Pressure May be Our Only Hope.

Scarsdale, NY – October 10, 2012 – Since blipshift launched online earlier this year offering crowd-sourced limited edition t-shirts targeting the automotive enthusiast, the company had hoped to see a measureable reduction in the number of naked driving incidents reported in the popular media. Unfortunately, despite their increasing shirt sales, this has not been the case. Hay-Won Byun, blipshift’s Senior VP of Public Safety notes, “In our clinical trial, there was one incident of Randy Travis being arrested for driving naked prior to our company’s launch. Much to our disappointment, there have been a similar number of arrests of Randy Travis for driving naked since then, suggesting that our efforts at curbing naked driving are not meeting their potential.”


Traditional home remedies, such as shouting, “Dude, put some clothes on!” have proven ineffective. The blipshift team remains unbowed and believes that their new strategy being announced today will help. “Rather than depend on the naked driver to realize that he or she is both driving and naked, we believe that the friends, families and loved ones of naked drivers can assist. Social pressure and support groups may help where the path to self-cure has not. Therefore, beginning immediately, we intend to offer our customers the ability to purchase gift certificates for our shirts,” said Joe Oh, a company founder whose parents wanted him to become a doctor. “They will be available in several denominations, $25 and up, to cover the full clinical spectrum of veho nudus.”

Supporting Connor's Day

A couple weeks ago we read about a young boy’s fight with cancer and his father’s wish to organize a car show in his honor. Connor’s Day was scheduled to take place as a relatively small car gathering on September 8, 2012.