Wearing The Finest Sale

No need to worry. Wearing your Sunday best (tee) isn't going to make you look like The Riddler. 

2014 Black Flag Friday Details

We've waved 20 awesome tee designs in for some restomodding enhancements! Along with the tees, we nabbed some sweet tie and sock designs too. Lotsa bonuses too!

The GR8est has been selected! The submissions for the GR8 Audi Tee Design Contest were all top notch and judging was hair pullin' tough job. After much deliberation at the company water cooler, a tournament of thumb wrestling, a couple games of Charades, and, of course, some much appreciated words from the good folks at Audi, we have a winner!

The day after Turkey Day is almost here and unless there's an asteroid hurtling towards earth that John McLane fails to blast into pieces, it's gonna happen*. Best just to accept your over-sized portion of mashed & stuffing and get on with it. Spoon some extra gravy on yer plate 'cause gooey brown flavoring might help dull the sound coming from the nearest relative at the table. (*Movie reference could be slightly off, but you get the idea.) 

The 2nd Annual Black Flag Friday Sale is flatout fast approaching! The flags wave November 28 @ 10 PM EST to December 1 @ 10 PM EST. To kickoff the super fast-ivities we're giving one apexing-of-everything-er A Shirtload Of Shirts, and two more apex-heads a $50 BFF shopping spree. Enter The 2014 BFF Apex All The Things Photo Contest for your chance to win!

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