20+ Designs. 4 Days.

It's that time of the year again, full of cold morning starts, wet leaves on the road, and – oh yeah – the blipshift 3rd annual Black Flag Friday Sale. That's right, from Thursday, 11/26 @ 10 PM thru Monday, 11/30 we've resto-modded and brought back 20+ of your favorite past designs, plus a showroom-fresh one courtesy of our friends at Jalopnik, and a gift-box exclusive ugly holiday sweater tee design! Oh yeah, moar holiday bonuses and new stuff too!

Good things come in 5s: 5-point harnesses, 5-lug wheels, 5-speed manuals, and of course shirts! More is merrier, 'cause every for 5 tees (including hoodies, socks, ties and gift bundles), you get a bonus coupon for a free tee ($15 value, coupons delivered after the BFF Sale ends)!

BOX BOX BOX For the Holidays!

Awesome-Sauce Box

We know, gift-giving sucks more than a money shift at 150mph right before the corkscrew, that's why we made it easy with our two awesome gift boxes. Buy them for others or hoard them for yourself – we won't judge.

Holiday Party Survival Kit

Apex that awkward Xmas party with our sweet swag. It has everything you need to show off your automotive love or divert attention away from drunk uncle stories (unless, you are uncle).

$35 + Shipping Includes:

  • Comfy BS ugly sweater teeComplete with manuals, turbos, cones, pistons and everything else that gives you motoring joy (Men's Fitted, HD or Long Sleeve).
  • 16oz Klean Kanteen® Steel Pint Cup: Won't shatter when you're too... err... happy to hold it straight anymore!
  • A 4 pack of awesome coasters: 'Cause your shiny pint cup deserves bottom protection (ok, maybe your buddies' wood table too).
  • One Shifter Ornament: Even if Mom thinks the tree is perfect, you can make it perfecter.
  • 2x blipshift stickers: Just the thing to decorate a lame Secret Santa gift you got stuck with.

Up to a $51 value!

Track Pack Gift Set

The perfect gift for any enthusiast who's got their life on track, with everything you need for a comfortable and calm day of cone punting (that is, until your buddy skids into a field).

New Stickers

$69 + Shipping Includes:

  • Ultra high quality Drawstring Sport Sack: Made of 1680 high density nylon, incorporating an earbud slot as well as multiple pockets perfect for holding all your nomex undies, camera gear, and a weekend's worth of track day clothing!
  • Navy blue Stormtech® Poncho: Quite obviously water resistant (or else what was the point?!?), snap down sided shell and draw strung hood will keep you nice and dry as you change out that I-can't-believe-it-blew-again headgasket. When the rain stops, roll that sucker up into it's pouch and save for the next rainy track day.
  • 18oz Kleen Kanteen® stainless steel water bottle: Complete with high flow silicone "chirp" free cap. Chirp tires, not water.
  • Two sets of high quality decibel beatin' Laser Lite® earbuds: Perfect for ignoring your teammates or that group pitted next to you makin' excuses. Make. It. Stop.
  • 2x blipshift stickers: Easily doubles as helmet patch swag for your plain white/black helmet.
  • A $15 BS gift card: So your torso can continue to Apex Everything in 2016.

An $86 value!

Ben Van Antwerp Mazda Miata in Europe

Ben Van Antwerp is a graphic designer and traveling wine-maker, with a love of great roads and fun cars. Ben can appreciate the finer things in life, like French wine, fine cheese, and motorcycles. His designs include "Save the Whales", "Enzo Who?", and the recent "Deuces".

Ben took some time out to answer a few questions of ours:

Extended Artist Bio: David Beck

Welcome to our first extended artist bio, where we can begin to showcase the many unique and awesome artists that make blipshift who we are!

David Beck Standup Stand Up Comedian Artist

David Beck is a traveling stand-up comedian traveling the United States. Though a classic muscle and Pontiac guy at heart, he has a weird thing for performance economy cars and Nissan Sentras. His designs include “Endangered Species” and the recent "Dash Invaders".

David took some time in between stand-up gigs to answer a few questions of ours:

What better way to celebrate our 3rd b-day than by bringing back some torso drool-worthy designs. 20 resto-modded designs will be available for The 96 Hours of BS. Sale starts Thursday, August 6 @ 10 PM EST and runs until Monday, August 10 @ 10 PM EST.

Shipping Mods

Ok, we're gonna be frank. Our shipping policy was kind of confusing. Why the heck weren't we giving you free shipping when you order a couple tees and a hoodie? Get three hoodies and pay even more shipping? Yeah, that's kinda wack... so we're making some changes.


Super huge thanks to all who entered our The Best Worst Driving Excuse Tee Design Contest! We had an overwhelming number of seriously "ya see, here's why that didn't work" entrants.

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