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Everything You Need To Know About The BS24, including... balls:

The 2014 Running Of The BS24

The 2014 Running Of The BS24!

The tires are chirping, the chrome is shining, and the BBQ's a grillin'. And now there's even more to be a'smiling about! The 2014 Running Of The BS24 sale is here! 24 of your favorite, most sought after and prized designs will be in our garage getting a tune-up or a complete resto-mod and be made available for 72 hours only!

Summer is just getting under way. Futbol matches on TV. Holiday weekend. Shouldn't we be smoking pork via burnouts with our Volvo in the company parking lot*? Not so here at BS HQ. For the past few weeks, we've donned our lab coats and worked into the wee hours in an effort to bring you the best tee-wear possible. Our test are complete and the results are in. We've got some awesome news!

Thanks to all who voted in our Which Type Of Tee Do You Prefer Showdown Poll! We heard your screams louder than the ol’ F1 V8s! So whattawegonna do ‘bout it? Test time! Not the pencil and paper, fill-in these tiny bubbles on this huge sheet of paper type of test. This is a test of utmost comfort, style and lap time performance.

We asked the intern to look into getting us something harder core than our Volvo c303 troop transport. Maybe something like a tank. Something with arms! When he told us we were getting a delivery of multiple tanks, holy wowzah were we excited! ...then these showed up.

Looks like we're selling tank tops now! Damn you intern, damn you. 

That's right ladies, starting this Thursday, April 24 @ 10 PM ET with our Apex Everything, Everywhere, All-The-Time Sale, all of our designs will be available in tank form, lady sizes only. 

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