What better way to celebrate our 3rd b-day than by bringing back some torso drool-worthy designs. 20 resto-modded designs will be available for The 96 Hours of BS. Sale starts Thursday, August 6 @ 10 PM EST and runs until Monday, August 10 @ 10 PM EST.

Shipping Mods

Ok, we're gonna be frank. Our shipping policy was kind of confusing. Why the heck weren't we giving you free shipping when you order a couple tees and a hoodie? Get three hoodies and pay even more shipping? Yeah, that's kinda wack... so we're making some changes.


Super huge thanks to all who entered our The Best Worst Driving Excuse Tee Design Contest! We had an overwhelming number of seriously "ya see, here's why that didn't work" entrants.

Apex Everything 2015. More restomod, new colors, all awesome.

Time to toss those ratty old tees of oil stains past and start prepping your closet for new and improved torso coverage! 20 freshly restomodded tees are sprouting from blipshift on April 30th @ 10PM EST. We're offering up a shirtilizingly awesome set of Apex Everything-assisting free stuffs... 

Can't get rid of thoughts of your ride or drive? Yup, same with us. We've teamed up with Autoblog and Skip Barber Racing School to bring you The Obsessive Car Disorder Tee Design Contest!

Ah, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, the perfect spot to push it to the limit. So maybe when you submitted your idea or design, you weren't going 10/10 down the corkscrew. But, you could have been frantically toggling between Power Point and your awesome idea on your office PC every time the big boss-man walked by! Well, remove that sweaty headband and massage your carpal tunneled wrists because the podium for the Lay It On The Line @ Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Tee Design Contest is set!

The winningest drivers get their prep done before the race weekend. But track prep, uugghhh takes so much time! No worries, we've just cut at least 5 seconds off your best apparel choosing time for your VIR track weekend with the ultimate VIR Track-fecta! Three super awesome VIR designs (one for each day of the track weekend!) available!
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